55 secondary school scholarships awarded since 2017 (37 boys, 18 girls).
9 university scholarships under the partnership with ACCA Trust.
34 senior players participated in the 2019 work-based training workshops.
16 senior players linked to part-time and full-time jobs in 2019 only.

Education and Employability

Part of Shamas’ mission is to make sure that beneficiaries are provided with quality education and with the necessary knowledge and skills needed in the current job market. Since 2017, we have been providing secondary school scholarships to public and private secondary schools. In 2019, we started investing in tertiary education by providing university scholarships to both public and private universities.

Secondary School Scholarships

Academic scholarships are awarded to boys and girls through criteria that focus
on academic merit and socio-economic background. Children who are very
talented in rugby are also given the opportunity to be scouted by secondary
schools for sports scholarships.

University Scholarships

After secondary school, students who have performed well in their exams and
have qualified for University are awarded scholarships to pursue a degree of their
choice. This sets them up in the right trajectory towards their career paths.


Employability Training and Job Linkages

We also prepare beneficiaries for the job market by training them on soft skills
that are required at the workplace. These skills include time management,
communication and writing skills, teamwork, etiquette, and professionalism.
After the training, we link them with job openings from companies that we have
partnered with. They are exposed to interviews and other selection procedures
which ensure the jobs are awarded on merit.


This pillar supports the following SDGs