Here is what we have been able to do so far


  • 7 clinics in 2 Regions
  • 37 coaches (13 female, 24 male)
  • 60% boys, 40% girls
  • 70% player retention rate

Character Development

  • 1’584 participants in Life Skills programs since August 2015
  • (60% boys, 40% girls).
  • 292 children seeking counselling.


  • 81 secondary school scholarships
  • 15 university scholarships

Youth Empowerment

  • 45 youth received training and employment in 2019
  • 450+ youths involved in youth-led community projects since 2018
  • 3’379 households reached in 2019
  • 65 youth leaders trained since 2018

My Shamas Story

Janet Achieng

I joined Shamas in 2016 through the life skills
program. I knew nothing about rugby, but by the end
of the camp, I had fallen in love with the game and
what it offered. I was very shy and could not even
address a large audience. Thanks to the life skills that
we were taught, I have become more confident and I
can now speak openly to people. I have been able to
make a lot of friends since I joined Shamas. At home
whenever my friends have conflicts, I always help them
solve them. Shamas has helped me to better
understand myself and make good decisions.

Samuel Asati

I joined Shamas in 2012. My friends convinced me to
join the program. Since then I have participated in all the
Shamas programs. My best memory is from 2013, when
I traveled to South Africa for the very first Shamas Rugby
Tour. Thanks to the rugby skills I learned at Shamas I
was able to secure a sports scholarship to university and
to play for one of the best rugby clubs in Kenya. My
experience with Shamas has taught me to be humble and
hardworking. These are some of the values that I
emphasize to the children to who I facilitate life skills and
those I coach in the Mathare clinic.

Jennifer Nyambura

I joined Shamas in 2014 when my son, Fidel, started
participating in their programs. Being a single mom, I
have to work extra hard to make ends meet for my
family. Shamas has been very supportive in making
sure that my family gets a livelihood. The organization
has been providing avenues for me and other mothers
to make extra money to meet our needs. They
contract us for services like cooking and cleaning
during trainings, tournaments and camps. Other parents
also supply consumables to the organization. I always
encourage my friends to let their children join Shamas
because through rugby, they have been able to instill
discipline to my son.