Our Centres


It is one of the largest slums in Kenya with a population of about 200,000 people living in 2.4 kilometers square piece of land. The area is characterized by poverty, the majority of the population being children and young people. They are faced with so many challenges, our weekly rugby clinic reaches between 10-200 children. We have established partnerships with 4 schools distributed across the 14 villages, with this we are able to reach about 400 children through our school weekly visits.   Using rugby as an entry point to help children and young people fight the challenges they are facing.


Mathare is located on the east side of Nairobi, it has a population of about 200,000 people, an area characterized by poverty, drug abuse, and a high crime rate especially among young people.  With our program, we are equipping children with skills that are necessary for their future beyond Mathare.


Shamas established its base in Eastlands in 2012, most of our beneficiaries come from Kiambiu, Jericho, Maringo, Bahati, and Jerusalem areas. Our program serves about 150 children in the Sunday clinics and about 400 children through the weekly school visit in 4 schools in the area.


This is an informal settlement with a peri-urban setup. Most of the people living in these areas are farmers and coffee pickers serving the coffee farms around Kiambu area. Our rugby program serves Btl, Ngewa Kamae, and Roturo areas. We reach about 250 children in the weekly rugby clinics. We have established partnerships with 4 schools reaching to more than 400 children in our weekly school visits. Our program is designed to expose and equip children in these area with rugby skills and plant seeds of a different world beyond what they are used to.


This is a location characterized by a peri-urban setup. The majority of people living here are low scale farmers. Children here do not get to interact with anything other than farming. Our program comes in handy to equip and expose them to a different world outside what they are used to.

 We have been able to establish Partnerships with 2 schools in the area and our weekly clinics meet up to 150 children.


Korogocho is one of the largest slums with a population of about 150,000 people living in a square piece of land. We established our program in February 2021. We have about 100 children attending our weekly sessions.